Tikal Tef-Gel for Foils - Wind - Wing - Kite - Surf

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Tikal Tef-Gel is a PTFE-based waterproof paste that can be used universally.

It prevents the formation of blisters on the surface of the metal and reliably protects against corrosion by galvanic currents between different types of metals.

The 40% PTFE in TefGel works as a lubricant and an insulator. Since Tef-Gel does not dry out , its nuts can be removed even years later.

Use a small brush or plastic spatula to apply a thin layer of Tef-Gel between the two metals and into the drill holes.

Make sure that all interfaces between different metals are equipped with TefGel.

Also supply bolts, nuts or pop rivets with TefGel. Then mount the fitting and wipe off excess TefGel with white spirit or WD-40.

We recommend that you use Tikal Tef-Gel for the systematic maintenance of your Starboard foil

It is imperative to completely disassemble your faith after each outing, rinse and dry each part and apply this specific galvanic anti-corrosion grease to the fittings and assembly screws.

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