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The best seller Starboard from 949 euros !

The result of a long work of research and development between the teams of Starboard and Airush, the Wingboard Starboard benefits from the latest innovations in terms of design.

Designed for performance, it will be perfect for beginners, very stable thanks to its unique deck plan and its voluminous rails.

The hollow deck has proven itself in windsurfing over the past 11 years since it first appeared on the Isonic Starboard. The feet are closer to the foil for better control and a more direct feel.

The board tail is designed to evacuate water from the deck while providing an early and easy launch.

The boxy rails offer more ease of launch and more balance in the transition phases.

The front of the board has a slight V shape for more pop on launch and in the touchdown.

The shape of the hull is unique with 2 channels that promote water flow for an even earlier start.

Available in 4 sizes and 2 constructions: Blue Carbon and Lite Tech

All sizes are equipped with a carrying handle on the hull.

Special attention has been paid to the pad for optimal comfort.

If you're looking for a board to jump, surf, or just shoot long edges then the Wingboard is for you!

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