Starboard Tail Wing 200 -2 degrees Thin


In detail:

New Starboard Foils Wing:

The 200 -2 degrees Thin wing is one of the latest Starboard Foils to meet the demands of new Slalom race formats where top speed is paramount.

The smaller sister to the 255 thin version, the 200 is designed for the speed enthusiast and the lighter weight rider looking for performance in strong winds.

By using a fuselage Plus Starboard and a spacer set you greatly increase the range of use of your equipment.


All Starboard Foils parts are modular, and compatible with previous generation models. Transforming your foil Starboard according to your needs is a real child's play.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts Starboard Foils to benefit from free advice and to know the possibilities of customization of your equipment.

Range of use :

The wing from 200


All Starboard wings are built in aluminium moulds, they are made of prepreg carbon from high to very high modulus, from 300 to 680 Gpa.

The result : The ultimate in strength, weight and stiffness.

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