Starboard SuperCruiser Aluminium

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In Brief :

Start foiling easily with a Starboard SuperCruiserfoil. This is the THE reference in terms of accessibility on the market.

If you are looking for a first foil that is easy, fun and performs well, then the SuperCruiser is for you with a great price: 999 euros.

The SuperCruiser has been valuated in tests for its performance in light winds, its manoeuvrability and its reassuring side. It will also be very playful for the more experienced.

If you have a good level of windsurfing, if you know how to plan in footstrap, then choose the Supercruiser.

The secret of its performance: the torsion rigidity of the mast and the 1700 carbon fibre front wing. The combo allows you to sail with ease.

Designer's word:

Technical Features:

Starboard 's aluminium masts use a triple I-beam cross-section. This is a unique manufacturing technique that throws more material around the perimeter of the mast to gain rigidity.

The Starboard aluminium foil mast offers unprecedented rigidity and performance that surpasses even some carbon masts you may find on the market.

It is a super FUN foil, ultra manoeuvrable and smooth in the transitions. It will be very forgiving in the transition phases.

With the SUPERCRUISER, flying becomes child's play, and you will only have one thing to do, try to pass the 360 or do 8's on your spot.

Its 1700 front wing gives the feeling of floating in the air at slow speed, with an early take off and very low speed. The 87cm fuselage provides extra stability.

The 85cm mast is the ideal compromise for beginners to the practice of foil windsurfing.

This foil is surprisingly easy and fun to use.

The rearwing is adjustable, you just have to decrease the angle to make them more slippery when the wind rises.

No need to use big sails with the SuperCruiser, the big front wing does the job in the soft spots and will give you enough lift.

The Team's opinion:

No need to be a world champion to start foiling with the Starboard SuperCruiser. To take off and to make its first sessions in flight is a real pleasure with the SuperCruiser, an easy foil, versatile with a very neat construction.

One of the strong points of this foil is its versatility and its ability to adapt to a wide range of boards.

The good news is that the SuperCruiser is a very good foil for beginners, you may need an adaptor for the available box. here

Usage :

Wind range: 10-20 knots

Available in carbon version

Possibility to make a pack with sail and board.

Attention ⚠️ the SuperCruiser fuselage is not compatible with part of the Starboard Wind range, the front connection system is different from the Wind range. Nevertheless, all Starboard masts are compatible with all fuselages

If you are looking for a faster foil then you should look at the new Freeride Plus

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