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The Race plus foil set is a new version of the best-selling Race Starboard launched in 2017. This new Race Plus is more efficient with more power, better performance in the high range, and a lower speed take-off.

Available in 2 versions Alu or Carbon. The Race plus Aluminum is supplied with the Aluminum mast the carbon version is equipped with a mast


The 115 Standard fuselage is replaced by the new 115 Plus fuselage. This new fuselage moves the front wing forward and reduces the angle of the rear wing to make it more aligned with the front wing, creating a high-efficiency wing geometry. The Starboard plus fuselage is patented. (NZ Pat. App. No. 751177)


Tiesda You

'' With both wings flying through the water at more parallel angles, you release more speed, get faster acceleration and more control. ''


Starboard foils use a unique technology, with the aim of offering a product with uncompromising performance and flawless reliability.

The aluminum masts offer an excellent rigidity/price ratio, they are less nervous and less stiff than in their carbon version.

Starboard aluminum masts use a triple I-beam cross section. All with a unique profile that projects more material around the perimeter of the mast than any other mast known on the market. The aluminum Starboard mast offers unprecedented stiffness and performance.


The race plus is a completion foil it will suit intermediate to experienced riders who are looking for performance on UpWind / Downwind courses.

Model launched in 2020

A super stiff mast , a super stiff fuselage and carbon wings would all be wasted if the fuselage attachment wasn't up to snuff.

The fuselage is machined from a block of 6061 aluminum. Light and rigid, this type of aluminum is also used on aircraft structures

One of the strengths of 6061 aluminum is its resistance to corrosion even when the surface is abraded.

For more square section fuselages, aluminum has more suitable characteristics. The choice of an aluminum fuselage makes the foils stiffer, more controlled and more stable.

Starboard has therefore designed its own patent-pending fuselage: Universal connection to Starboard. It not only allows easy disassembly, but also four side bolts to maximize the mounting pressure between the mast and the fuselage, which improves torsional rigidity and creates a unique high performance unit.

The G10 fenders and fiberglass fenders flexed too much.

As thicker fenders would reduce performance. All Starboard fenders are thinner and made from prepreg Toray carbon.

Stiffer wings ensure controlled and stable flight.

All accompanied by high-end Torx screws


Front wing: 800cm2 |
Rear wing: 255 m2 | Fuselage : 115 Plus | Mast: Aluminum 95cm

Note: The 115 Plus fuselage is supplied with six angle struts ranging from -2 degrees to +1 degree. The recommended tail wing angle spacer for the RacePlus is -1.5 degrees or -2 degrees:

-2° for wind speeds of 10+ knots (default recommended angle)

-1.5° for winds of 8-9 knots

-1° for winds of 7 knots

-0.5° for winds of 7 knots

-0° for winds of 6 knots

+1° for a wind speed of 5 knots

These suggested tail wing angles are based on the 255 tail wing and 800 front wing. The optimal tail wing angle may vary depending on rear wing size, body weight , sail size, sailing style, personal preference and front wing size.

255 -2 degrees from the tail wing

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