Starboard Aluminium iQFoil Junior 2022


Foil IQFoil Alu U17

The Foil IQFoil is the official Olympic foil for the Olympic Games of 2024 and is therefore a pure racing foil.

 It is ideal for race foilers who want to reach maximum speeds and want the utmost from their foil.

The 800 cm2 front wing is a high aspect wing that can be used well in medium to strong wind conditions. This front wing falls under the smaller wings and is therefore not suitable for starting foilers.

The tailwing is 255 cm2, which does not give much lift, so you can sail at higher speeds with even more wind

. For the IQfoil there is an adapter that sets the backwing to an angle of -2 degrees. This is an adjustment in the distance between the mast and the front wing. This means that more lift is created by the front wing, so that the backwing does not have to make a large angle to create lift. This results in less resistance and therefore more speed.

The fuselage has a length of 1150 mm and provides a lot of stability to support the high speeds. The mast is made of aluminium and this mast is even stiffer than, for example, the Foil Race Plus, it is also available in an carbon version. 

Compatible with deep tuttle fin boxes.

What's in the box: mast 95 alu + fuselage 115 + frontwing 800 + Tail Wing 255 -2 + foil covers + team bag + screw and spacers

Features of the Foil IQFoil Alu:

  • Olympic foil
  • Designed for speed 
  • Ideal for fast, racing foiling
  • Fast foil jibes and setting your personal best top speeds
  • Available in Carbon and Aluminium
  • Compatible with deep tuttle box

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