Starboard Foils GT-R Plus

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In Brief:

The new Starboard GT-R Plus is a continuation of the very popular Starboard GT first foil launched by Starboard in 2017. The GT was a real success from the start. 🚀 With the development of the Tiesda You foil the Starboard foil designer looked to make the GT even better and so the GT-R was born.

The GT-R Plus is a versatile, very fast model. This foil has very good upwind capabilities, while remaining easy to control on the more downwind points of sail.

If you are looking for a high performance, easy to access foil for your freerace board the GT-R has a very wide range of use. With its 800 front wing and 95cm plus fuselage you will be in the air very quickly. You can also line up on local races.

Technical specifications:

The GT-R comes with a 95cm mast and a 95cm fuselagelThecurved wingtips provide increased stability and control.The 95cm Plusfuselage includes the new adjustable rear wing system to extend the range of use of your foil. It will be easy to change the angle of the stabilizer when the wind changes to sail in comfort.


Tiesda You

"With both wings flying through the water at similar angles of attack, you release more speed, get faster acceleration and more control."

Foil Construction:

Starboard Foils use a unique technology, with the goal of providing a product with uncompromising performanceand uncompromising reliability.

Starboard Foils aluminum masts offer an excellent stiffness / price ratio. They are less nervous and less stiff than the carbon version.

The aluminium masts of Starboard use a triple I-beam cross section. The whole thing is technically manufacturing technique that throws more material around the perimeter of the mast to gain stiffness. The mast of the Starboard foils in aluminum offers a rigidity and performance that surpasses even some carbon masts.

The fuselageismachined from a block of 6061 aluminum. Light and rigid, this type of aluminum is also used in aircraft structures. One of the strong points of 6061aluminium is itsresistance to corrosion even when the surface is abraded.

For fuselages with a more square cross-section, aluminium has more suitable characteristics. The choice of an aluminium fuselage makes the foils more rigid,easier to control and more stable.

Starboard has designed its ownpatented fuselage. It allows easy disassembly of the assembly. The four side bolts increase the pressure mounting between the mast and the fuselage, which improves the torsional rigidity.

G10 wings and fiberglass wings are quite soft and do not allow as much precise control as a carbon wing. Since thicker wings would reduce performance, all Starboard wings are thinner and made ofToray prepreg carbon. Stiffer wings give you a stable flight.

All Starboard foils come with Torx high end stainless steel screws.

The Team's opinion:

The Starboard GT-R Plus is a foil designed for intermediate to expert riders it will suit more demanding riders looking for a wide range of use.

Advice of settings:

  • The recommended rear wing angle is -1.5°.
  • Switching to -2° increases control and speed in strong winds.
  • Switching to -1° or 0° increases power in light winds

In the box:

Front wing: 800 | Rear wing 330 | Aluminium mast 95 DT | Fuselage 95 plus | Foil Bag not included

Delivered without cover ( compatible cover here )

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