Starboard Aluminium 115 Plus


Starboard Aluminium 115 Plus Fuselage

The Starboard 115 Plus Aluminum fuselage is the result of a long work of research and development of the Starboard team. A single objective: To win!

The optimization of the drag is one of the key factors of the performance. One of the issues on a foil is the angle of the front and rear wings, with the fuselage plus patented the rear wing of the foil (the stab) is now on the same angle of attack as the front wing.

With the fuselage plus the push centre of the foil is also moved forward, offering better overall control and performance.

Equipped with the new PLUS system with shims, it will be very easy to change the angle of the rear wing according to your preferences and conditions.


  • The recommended rear wing angle is -1.5°.
  • Changing to -2° increases control and speed in strong winds.
  • Switching to -1° or 0° increases power in light winds




Starboard foils use a unique technology, with the aim of offering products with uncompromising performance and flawless reliability.

The fuselage is machined from a6061 aluminum block. Light and rigid, this type of aluminum is also used in aircraft structures. One of the strong points of 6061 aluminum is its resistance to corrosion even when the surface is abraded.

Starboard Foils is the pioneer in the fusion of carbon and aluminum in foils: carbon is used for thinner parts such as wings, where carbon is the optimum material for maximum rigidity on the fuselage.

For fuselages with a more square cross-section, aluminium has more suitable characteristics. The choice of an aluminium fuselage makes the foils stiffer and more stable.

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