Starboard Fuselage Aluminium 105 Plus


New from Starboard Foils: Starboard Aluminium 105 Plus Fuselage


The new Starboard 105 Plus Fuselage was developed to meet the demands of the lighter weight pilots who found our 115 Plus fuselage too powerful. The 105 Plus fuselage provides a gain in comfort and control compared to its big brother while guaranteeing a gain in performance in a wide range of wind conditions.

Equipped with the new PLUS system with shims, it will be easy to change the angle of the rear wing according to your preferences and the weather conditions.

The 105+ fuselage is very versatile, ideal for free-racing off-road use. race use.

Adjustment tips:

  • The recommended rear wing angle is -1.5°.
  • Switching to -2° increases control and speed in strong winds.
  • Switching to -1° or 0° increases power in light winds


Tiesda You

With the Plus fuselage the aim was to increase the forward power without increasing the wing area. With the new concept the forward wing is further forward than on traditional fuselages because the mast connection is further back. This provides more power, for earlier take-off, better overall lift and more glide.


Starboard foils use unique technology, with the goal of providing a product with uncompromising performance and reliability.

The fuselage is machined from a 6061aluminum block. Light and rigid, this type of aluminium is also used on aircraft structures. One of the strong points of 6061 aluminium is its resistance to corrosion even when the surface is abraded.

For fuselages with a more square cross-section, aluminium has more suitable characteristics. The choice of an aluminium fuselage makes the foils stiffer, easier to control and more stable.

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