Severne FGO - IQfoil Junior Sails


The arrival of the new Olympic support brings a breath of fresh air to the youngest. Farewell to the drift board, which gives way to foil boards. Lighter , more efficient and above all more fun equipment.

A revolution is underway with the IQ foil support, the youngest can now taste the sensations of flight.

The Severne FGO rig meets the new gauge, available in 3 sizes from 5 to 7m, it is an easy to use set, based on the Severne Freeride Foilglide sail.

  • The FGO 5m2, 6m2 and 7m2 sails have been specially reinforced in the most stressed areas such as the lower panel compared to the Foilglide .
  • The FGO offers a wide range of use , excellent rotation of cambers
  • The FGO works both in foil and fin use.
  • The U15 division can use sizes 5.0 and 6.0 (one or both), while the U17s can use sizes 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 (up to two sizes), so depending on your weight and level you you can choose the appropriate sail size.

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