Mast UP 80 HR


The UP 80 HR is a versatile mast. Its unique profile and the resulting rigidity allow it to excel in terms of glide and performance in all foiling practices.

The UP 80 HR mast has an HR carbon construction.

Its unique profile offers a perfect compromise between rigidity, comfort and performance. The objective of this new design is to improve the sensations of sliding , maneuverability and responsiveness , even at high speeds .

While most brands use PrePreg manufacturing methods for the production of carbon parts, Taaroa uses a proprietary method called DFCM (Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding).

This method allows a wider range of carbon fibers to be used and gives better results in terms of stiffness and quality , thus improving performance on the water.

The UP 80 HR mast can be mounted with all the wings and fuselages of the range. It can be fitted with a plate mount or an aluminum tuttle box, sold separately.

What you must remember:

  • Multidisciplinarity
  • Rigidity and stability
  • Durability

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