Starboard Flight Rig

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Starboard Flight Rig

The power of a big sail with the weight of a small one. Gone are the days when windsurfing in light winds on calm lakes and seas and seas were synonymous with massive sails and heavy equipment are over.

Discover a new style of sailing with the Starboard Flightrig.

If you're looking for an easy way to get started with windfoil, this complete rig from Starboard will surprise you with its performance. Easy to use, the Flight rig is optimized for foiling in the lightest of conditions.

Available in 2 sizes: 5.6 and 6.7, this rig is delivered with the sail, boom, mast, extension, and winch.


Tiesda You, the Starboard designer introduces an innovative rig designed around the power to weight ratio. Compared to a traditional sail, this one is designed tosail under power, not over power.

The power of the Flight sail with its pronounced hollow and light construction allows you to take off very easily and once in the air, you have a light rig in your hands andeasy to fly .

To optimize the sail, Starboard has developed new specific and technical accessories like a boom for the foil with a reduced diameter and a wider profile. The RDM mast provides additional comfort and lightness

It is the ideal rig for Windfoil.


The Starboard rig is made of X-PLY. This material allows for a durable and light sail with a flexible porfil when pumping.


If you are looking for If you are looking for a sail dedicated to foil freeriding, then the FLIGHT rig is for you, it is suitable for intermediate and those who master foil sailing.


Conventional sails are generally flat, with power coming from the surface. The FLIGHT focuses on power per square meter. The result is a compact sail with a very hollow profile.

Articulated on its RDM mast, the Flight is designed to flex and breathe. With normal sails, you choose a size that allows you to sail with more power. The sails are still heavy and designed to be controlled when at full power. With the Flight concept, you choose to be slightly underpowered.


Smaller also means less weight for easier handling on land, less back pain. The sail itself is made with ultra-light X-PLY and includes an innovative watch puller that attaches to the mast sleeve.



Rec. Mast Luff (Light Wind) Luff (Medium Wind) Boom (Light Wind) Boom (Medium Wind)
5,6 400 426 430 172 176
6,7 430 456 460 192 196

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