Front Wing LA900

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The LA 900 front wing offers a subtle balance between stability, responsiveness and control.

Positioning itself as the most progressive front wing in the windfoil range, it can also be used in wingfoil with an UP mast for those looking for a lively and fast configuration, and even in kitefoil with a JOY mast for speed in lightwind .

The carbon construction increases performance on the water and the wingspan provides excellent stability and flexibility.

The LA900 front wing is a very scalable and versatile wing. By its geometry and its power, it adapts very well to many disciplines of the foil, in particular the wingfoil and the windfoil.

About Low Aspect Ratio Wings

Low Aspect Ratio wings are generally used in surf or freemove oriented foil disciplines.

These wings are easier to control and slower , which makes them more forgiving and ideal for learning to foil.

A wider leading edge creates more lift , and a distinctively more curved shape gives carving ability and tolerance to changes in rider balance .

Low Aspect Ratio wings generally have a surface area between 1200 and 2000 cm2, and are designed for control, responsiveness and fast take-off. They are used in most foiling disciplines, including downwind paddling, classic surfing and surf-style or freeride wingfoil.


While most brands use PrePreg manufacturing methods for the production of carbon parts, Taaroa uses a proprietary method called DFCM ( Dynamic Fluid Compression Moulding ). This method makes it possible to use a larger palette of carbon fibers and gives better results in terms of rigidity and of quality , thus improving performance on the water.


  • Titanium reinforcement in the screw tightening area
  • Clamping system and adjustment (on 1 axis) of the stabilizer by 2 screws
  • HR (High Resistance) carbon fiber

Technical specifications

  •  g
  •  cm
  • 900  cm2
  • Carbon Hybrid

Range of Front WIng Taaroa


Compatible with all the fuselages and all the parts of the range Taaroa Hydrofoils

About Taaroa

French brand created in 2012, Taaroa is one of the world leaders in the field of foil. It is one of the first brands to appear on the market.

Today, Taaroa offers a simple and complete range of foils covering all disciplines from WING , to WIND and including SURFfoil .

Our opinion on the Taaroa foils:

We have chosen to offer you their products, renowned for their accessibility, manufacturing quality and durability .

The quality of the equipment no longer needs to be proven, just like the performance of Taaroa products. As a bonus, the price/quality ratio is undeniable.

Taaroa is one of the rare brands that controls the production of its foils in-house.

Maintenance of your Foil

Although it is often tempting to carry your assembled foil to save time, we still advise you to disassemble and rinse your foil at each session.

We advise you to coat the screws with galvanic insulating grease type tef-gel every 3 or 4 assemblies.

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