Taaroa Foils land at Foils-Shop.com

Big news for this year the French brand of foils Taaroa is arriving on our online store.

And because good news never comes alone: ​​Adrien Mestre, an accomplished waterman, is also joining Team Taaroa Hydrofoils .

Adrien Mestre Taaroa

On the Wing, Surf and Wind program for the Rochelais rider who has just won the Extreme Cordouan in Wind foil.

We were able to meet the Taaroa team during a 3-day stay at our home spot in Royan.

During these 3 days, we were able to be immersed in the brand's R&D process , but also take the time to discuss the brand's vision , test the latest products and share a few sessions with the young team.

On the menu in particular a big downwind in the Gironde estuary for Benjamin Tillier and Adrien Mestre

What we can tell you is that the foils are of remarkable quality , with an unprecedented level of finish .

What we really liked was the total modularity of the Taaroa foil range. All the parts are compatible and multidisciplinary , a big plus for multi-support riders.

A Wind Foil wing works in Wind like the 1450 or the 900, the 80 mast is as efficient in Wing Foil as it is in Downwind use with or without a paddle.

It was therefore logical for us to offer Taaroa foils on our shop.

We were also able to witness the development of Taaroa's iUP smart foil. A revolutionary foil that will be talked about in the coming months. Whether behind a boat, with a sail, a Wing, this foil will transform the sessions.

The entire Taaroa range is therefore available in stock today, allow 2-3 days for standard delivery.

Whether you are looking for elements to complete your foil quiver or whether you are looking for your first foil, we have what you need. We were also surprised by the performance of the boards

In short, a brand to follow in the years to come, with a complete and coherent range of innovative technology that has proven itself.

We are preparing a buying guide, videos and comparisons to guide you in your purchases and your progress.